On April 3, 2006 Matthew and Richard attended the 2006 opening game between the Phillies and Cardinals at the two year old Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The Cards won 13-5 and Jimmy Rollins, in his last at bat of the game, extended his hitting streak to 37 games.

Below and on the following page is a photographic story of the day. It rained much of the game and the temperature was in the mid 40's by the end of the game. 

Highlights included a grand slam homer by former Phillies Scott Rollen and two homers by Albert Pujols. 

Rollins extended his streak by lining a 3-0 pitch off Adam Wainwright down the right-field line. He got a standing ovation from those remaining among the sellout crowd of 44,614 at Citizens Bank Park, tipped his hat to the fans and made sure he got the ball for a keepsake.

Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa proved to be a manager of class. Upset that his pitcher was going to walk Rollins in his last at bat when he ran the count to 3-0, he instructed his pitcher to throw strikes in order to give Rollins a fair change at extending his huge hitting streak. Since 1900 only 5 players have had longer streaks. Paul Molitor (38), Ty Cobb (40), George Sisler (41), Pete Rose (44) and Joe DiMaggio (56).

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