What we have here are 9 images that I provided the History Channel for their documentary on sharpshooters. The first 6 are small tobacco cards found in cigarette packs in the late 19th century as free premiums.

The cabinet card (usually hard cardboard) is also a 19th century photograph showing Captain Bogardus with his three sons, . (A cabinet  card retains  the photographer's imprint and exhibiting similar styles of decorative artwork on the card face or back.) I also provided them with a black and white photograph of the same card.

Next is a photograph of Doc Carver in England, taken from a book of his life in my personal library.

Next is an original photograph of Annie Oakley shooting an apple off the head of her dog Dave, about 1921 at Pinehurst, NC.

Finally, the bottom photograph belongs to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame, which I used on their web site. It shows Doc Carver and Captain Bogardus before or after their trapshooting match in Des Monies, IA in 1883. Carver won the match 100-97. It was their 7th match in a series of 25 matches sponsored by George Ligowsky to advertise his new clay target.

All items are found in my personal collection.


History Channel Credits after program "Sharp Shooters."